Polyice in Healthcare first aid

POLYICE in Healthcare first-aid

POLYICE is used as a first-aid tool by healthcare members to reduce (pain, swelling and inflammation) across a wide range of applications, by evaporation cooling effect, with temperatures ranging from -30 to -40 degrees Celsius., 

POLYICE reduces patient’s local pain and gets them fast recovery by more convenient application, just spray on affected area with short touches at minimum 15 cm from the skin, , a small quantity of POLYICE directly to the bruise area.

POLYICE is practically proven to reduce swelling and resume the normal movement.

Patients will prefer  to use POLYICE rather than they would consider using the ice pack, and their improvements in range of motion and pain relief are likely to be even more easier and greater.

When should we use POLYICE cooling spray?

The POLYICE spray is used to alleviate early symptoms, especially pain associated with bruises, strains or sprains.

It slows down the pain feeling of an injury, and restraining the inflammation process.

How to use POLYICE ?

When using the Polyice spray some important things should be considered:

  • Promptly, Shake the bottle of “PolyIce” well
  • Keep it holding upright.
  • Spray with a very short puff of touching
  • The puff at distance minimum 15 cm from the skin,
  • Don’t prolong the time of the puff, a small quantity of product on the bruise could be sufficient.
  • Stop the spraying as soon as a white residual is visible on the skin.
  • Repeat as needed.

Who is the POLYICE user?

It is recommended for adults,  but not recommended to use the ice spray for children and young people, as the skin and nervous system of children are more sensitive.