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Best nasal care and sinus wash

The more of the individual nasal care, the more of enjoying respiratory good health, the continuous nasal care routine prophylaxis you from many respiratory diseases, and long term health look like.

UK MEDICA guides you to the right “nasal and sinus” care way with the best and safe customized sea water nasal sprays.


  • Medical devices class II-a .
  • BOV caped sprays (100 ml= 400 puff).
  • Fixed new nasal anatomical safe nozzle.
  • Easy to use, Multi position.
  • Very Gentile micro droplet& smooth spray.
  • No active chemicals, neither any preservatives.
  • Alternative to chemicals vasoconstriction and nasal  decongestants (completely safe to baby, pregnant, cardiac, hypertensive,… etc).
  • No side effects due to physical mechanism of action (more tolerable).

The latest technology of (BOV ) that is used by UK Medica products for best and safe result in regard to your nasal and sinus health.

The Bag-On-Valve (BOV) system consists of an aerosol valve with a welded bag. The compressed air in the aerosol is on the outside of the bag, and acts as a propellant of the product which is inside the bag, the UK MEDICA products offers numerous advantages:
 Possible use of compressed air as a highly environment-friendly propellant
 Product emptying up to 99% (more economic )
 Continuous spraying or small puff one (convenient uses)
 360° degree of use
 Not air contact: longer life cycle of the product, no any contamination of active ingredients.


UK Medica Dermal Line Products

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