Wound line

UK Medica wound care line

Best first-aid Spray Plaster

UK Medica WOUND-PLAST for more convenient wound care. It is a waterproof and transparent layer, easy to use.

WOUND-PLAST for fast wound healing, provides instant protection against contamination and microbes in an easy one-hand application, that even puffed spray in any direction. The new spray formulation provides a waterproof, flexible and transparent layer for wound to protect for many days.

The sooner you start using a wound-plast for first aid care routine, the better of your minor wound will be in the best healing look like.

Most modern technologies (BOV ) are used by UK Medica dermal wound care products for best and safe result for your wound healing.

The Bag-On-Valve (BOV) system consists of an aerosol valve with a welded bag. The compressed air in the aerosol can is on the outside of the bag and acts as a propellant of the product which is inside the bag. on the contrary to other aerosol spray products, where the product and the propellant need to be mixed together, the UK MEDICA products offers numerous advantages:
 Possible use of compressed air as a highly environment-friendly propellant
 Product emptying up to 99% (more economic )
 Continuous spraying or small puff one (convenient uses)
 360° degree of use
 Not air contact: longer life cycle of the product, no any contamination of active ingredients.

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Wound healing

Wound healing