Medical supplier of products for optimum patients satisfaction:

          UK MEDICA supplies a variety of customized medical products for better healthcare, and more patients convenient  (more curable rate, highest safety, and easy to use)

Medical supplying of spray Products, which are latest modern (Bag on Valve) manufactured under UK MEDICA brands.

German technology Bag-On-Valve System consist of :

  • An atomizer aerosol valve sealed with a bag. (Rolled)
  • The bag consist of waterproof multi-layer films which provide a barrier: – PET or nylon, – aluminum, – PP
  • Valve and Bag are Heat Bonded plus 100% inspection against any bag defects.
  • The compressed air in the aerosol is on the outside of the bag (which contains the active ingredient).

Why BOV Medical supplier of Sprays?

  • On the contrary to other aerosol products, where a product and propellant need to be mixed. Our main advantage is to separate  these two components in UK MEDICA spray products “bag-on-valve system” , which also offers numerous advantages.
  • Due to total separation of active ingredient from propellant gas in  UK MEDICA spray products, that allowing pure product filling and dispensing 100 %, Compatibility and Stability of our aerosol products.

Benefits of BOV sprays supplied by UK MEDICA

  • The micro droplet molecules give wide spread surface coverage, and more adhesion contact time, leads to more effective treatment response.
  • More economic as product emptying up to 99%.
  • 100 % Hygienic and purification all the time until products expiry date.
    supplier Products & SPRAYS with German Most modern BOV (Bag on Valve)

    Most modern medical supplier (Bag on Valve)

  • Longer shelf life with no preservatives.
  • Bag is FDA-approved, made in German.
  • Can be used in all positions.
  • Environment-friendly propellant (eco-friendly air or nitrogen).
  • Reduced spray noise and non-chilling product discharge.

POLYMER customized sea water spray for Maximum efficacy

of Nasal and sinus wash

  • Medical devices class II-a .
  • BOV caped sprays (100 ml= 400 puff).
  • Fixed new nasal anatomical safe nozzle.
  • Easy to use, multi position.
  • Very gentile micro droplet& smooth spray.
  • Micro-diffusion sprays.
  • No active chemicals.
  • No preservatives.
  • No side effects.
  • Alternative to chemicals vasoconstriction and nasal  decongestants. (safe to baby, pregnant, cardiac, hypertensive,…………).
  • Physical mechanism of action (more tolerable)
  • German technology of BOV, Italian manfucturing.

What are the Benefits of proper nasal wash by POLYMER nasal spray?

New concentration Polymer nasal sea water spray

Polymer nasal sea water spray 0.9 % , 2.3 % , 3 %

  • Moisturising the nasal mucosa = that leads to proper nasal function.
  • Superior nasal symptoms (blocked nose, nasal congestion)  relief to patients with sinus disease and nasal allergies.
  • Reducing inflammation of the mucosa membrane, allowing normally breathing.
  • Prophylaxis from ENT complications (allergies, colds, rhinitis and sinusitis )
  • Enhancing effects of local nasal specific treatments.
  • Natural decongestant of the blocked nose (Polymer Hypertonic nasal spray)

Medical products supplied by UK MEDICA

“Because We Care for all our patients”