PolyIce  Cooling spray Rapid Pain Relief  

PolyIce treatment for acute Sprains, Strain, Muscles and Joints Pain, specially for athletics people.

PolyIce cooling spray is a medical device class IIa, formulated Coolant which is used for hospitals, physiotherapy practices, sports people, and at home.

PolyIce rapid reduces swelling and inflammation, reducing local pain whilst helping speed up the recovery process, getting people fast health back.

PolyIce Directions of use: 

  • Promptly, Shake the bottle of “PolyIce” well
  • Keep it holding upright.
  • Spray with a very short puff of touching
  • The puff at distance minimum 15 cm from the skin,
  • Don’t prolong the time of the puff, a small quantity of product on the bruise could be sufficient.
  • Stop the spraying as soon as a white residual is visible on the skin.
  • Repeat as needed.


Polyice for sports