Wound Plast

Wound-Plast plaster spray 

 Medical devices class II-a.
 BOV caped spray.
 Easy-to-use, Multi position.

When to use Wound-Plast

Wound-Plast, Plaster spray is designed to protect all superficial wounds.
Suitable for the whole body (except the face),
this spray is especially used where it can’t be applied a normal medication.
Once applied Wound-Plast, the spray plaster creates a transparent layer that protects as an outer skin. It is waterproof and it is naturally and easy to be removed.

Instructions for using Wound-Plast:

1.Clean and dry the wound area before applying the product.
2.Spray 5-10 cm away from the skin.
3.Let it dry for 1 minute.
4.Repeat as often as necessary.


  • Do not use it on abrasions, infected wounds, or deep burns.
  • Do not use on face.
  • Do not inhale.
  • The application can cause a slight tingling sensation.