A new generation of home Cryotherapy ( 3rd generation )

  • Convenient self-treatment.
  • Just one single application is sufficient.
  •  Medical device class IIa
  • BOV caped sprays (75 ml ).
  • Easy-to-use , multi position.
  • 12 applicators
  • Made in Italy.

 NO-WART (remove common & planter warts)

◎Wart Treatment spray eliminates plantar and common warts (through cryotherapy technology).
◎No-wart is the application of extreme cold, between ( –45°C to –50°C ), which causes the freezing of the warts and uprooting them in addition to their subsequent detachment.
◎It is effective and easy-to-use.
◎NO-WART includes (12 foam applicators).

Instructions for using

(Kindly adhere to these instruction strictly)

1. Remove the protective cap from the dispenser.
2. Insert the foam applicator tube into the hole of the dispenser on the head of the aerosol: the sponge of the applicator will be located opposite to the aerosol.

3. Shake the dispenser well, then press the dispenser for 3-5 seconds to dampen the sponge with the liquid product until a little drop of liquid forms on the sponge.
4. Wait 10-15 seconds, to ensure that the applicator stops dripping before applying the sponge to the wart. If the applicator drips too much, absorb the excess liquid gas with a tissue, without touching it directly with your hands.
5. Once the sponge is dampened but not dripping, hold it against the center of the wart without pressing, for a maximum of 40 seconds. During this application, do not press the dispenser.
6. The wart will fall off after about 2 weeks.

Deeply-rooted warts may require the another (2-3 applications) with an interval of 2 weeks between each application.
If there are many warts, treat only one at a time, always with an interval of 2 weeks between treating one wart and another.


  • Do not apply the product without using the applicator.
  • Do not use the product on the same wart more than (4 times).
  • Change the applicator for every wart treated.
  • Do not use in case of diabetes.
  • Do not use on children under 4 years old.
  • Inappropriate use of the product may cause burns or lesions on the skin.
  • If the liquid gas should drip onto the skin around the wart, suspend treatment immediately, absorb the liquid gas with a clean tissue, and consult a physician.

Follow the instructions of use.
* Do not dispose of the packaging until the spray has been used up.
* A single treatment is usually sufficient:
deeply-rooted warts may require (2-3 applications) more.