Polymer kids

polymer kids nasal spray


Polymer kids nasal spray reduces incidence of nasal symptoms:

Blocked nose and nasal congestion are the major contributing factors to ENT bronchial cross-infection in children , so nasal hygiene is essential for remove inflammation and swelling of nasal mucosa .

Polymer kids hypertonic 2.3% decongests the nasal mucosa , reduces mucous viscosity and removes excess mucous by a physical way of natural osmotic effect.

polymer kids hypertonic nasal spray indications

Polymer kids hypertonic nasal spray indications

Polymer Kids sea water nasal spray indications

  1. Ensure permanent nasal hygiene.
  2. Decongestant for blocked noses (physically by osmotic), during colds , chronic rhino-sinusitis, hay fever.
  3. Ensure protection of the congested nasal mucosa against outside attacks (cold , allergens , dry atmospheres , pollution )
  4. Proper sinus wash during chronic sinusitis treatment
  5. limitation of ENT secondary infections.
  6. Optimizing the effect of local nasal medicines during treatment of nasal infection or allergy.

How does Polymer kids hypertonic work?

With a higher concentration of salts (2.3%) in Polymer Kids spray than an isotonic solution (0.9%) inside the nasal cells, on contact with the nasal mucosa, a hypertonic solution will naturally provoke the secretion of water and thus dilute the viscous mucous, that has accumulated on the mucosa.

  • Multi position spray with micro droplet puff.
  • New fixed and more safer nozzle.
  • New BOV (bag on valve) spray, with gentile and wide nasal cavity covering spray puff.
  • Made in Italy.
polymer kids hypertonic nasal spray indications

polymer kids nasal spray from UK Medica indications